Legislative Updates

PA 452 of 2018 amended Section 50 of the Michigan Penal Code to:

— Establish first, second, and third degrees of killing or torturing an animal, and increase the maximum prison term for a first- or second-degree offense.

— Revise and enhance the graduated penalties for animal neglect or cruelty.

— Extend current animal neglect or cruelty prohibitions to a breeder or pet shop operator.

— Establish a felony penalty for animal neglect or cruelty by a breeder or pet shop operator who had five or more prior convictions under Public Act 287 of 1969 (which regulates pet shops).

— Allow a court to include at least five years’ probation as part of a sentence for an animal neglect or cruelty offense involving 25 or more animals, or three or more prior convictions.

PA 652 of 2018 amended the Michigan Penal Code to:

— Revise the sentencing guidelines for animal neglect or cruelty and establish sentencing guidelines designations for the penalties proposed by PA 452 of 2018.

— Establish sentencing guidelines designations for first-, second-, and third-degree violations involving animal torture.

— Revise sentencing guidelines scoring requirements for several offense variables.